Alliant Consulting Aligning people, processes and metrics to meet your business goals.

Operational Expertise

Alliant’s team of business consultants specializes in boosting performance within and across Customer Service, Call / Contact Centers, Sales & Marketing, Order Fulfillment & Production, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, and Information Technology / IT.

Consulting Services

Our tailored Operational & Organizational Assessment, Redesign, Implementation Planning & Support, Workforce Development and Solution Facilitation programs develop your people, create better systems, improve processes, and reinvent your culture to drive performance.

Customer-Centric, Team-Created

How, is the essence of successful change. We engage your people at all levels in improving and maintaining organizational alignment with the ever changing needs and expectations of your customers to achieve your business goals.


Improve business performance, service, and profits with business consulting done right

For nearly three decades, Alliant’s team of business consultants has helped clients overcome immediate challenges and build their teams’ abilities, tools, and metrics to tackle problems and seize opportunities in the future. Our clients come in all sizes, shapes and industries, yet share one thing in common; a belief that consistently meeting and exceeding their customers’ expectations is essential to success. Our customer-centric framework and versatile approach has allowed us to gain broad and deep experience with diverse clients and challenges in Cable Telecommunications, Healthcare, News Media Publishing, Manufacturing, Residential and Commercial Services, Government Public Safety Communications, Non-profit and other sectors. Alliant Consulting helps you reach your goals with an efficient and cost-effective approach. We do it by working side-by-side with teams of your management and staff to design and build bottom-up solutions that quickly drive higher service, quality and productivity. Whether you’re at the initial stages of solutions conception or well into implementation, our team can tailor support to your needs.  Your Alliant business consultants work first with your people to understand your goals and situation. The project team then applies proven tactics and metrics to define problems and opportunities, develop and execute solutions, achieve the targeted goals, and continue to improve performance long after our team is gone. Of course, if the challenge or situation doesn’t lend itself to an internal team, we can apply the same principled approach with a team of Alliant’s experienced, respectful professionals to meet your needs. Call us today or browse our website to explore how Alliant can help you fund achievement of your goals with quick wins that build your bottom-line, wow your customers and boost employee morale.

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"Alliant worked on 2 projects for me and in both instances the team did a remarkable job. They mapped the processes, found the opportunities, and developed strategic plans for improvement. After executing those plans we saw vast improvements in customer service, employee morale, and in the bottom line. We were able save substantial operating costs (north of $1 million) as a result of Alliant's efforts. These are the folks you want when action, not talk, is what you are expecting from consultants. I will use them again and would recommend them to anyone looking to find the opportunities lurking within their own organization."

VP, Field Service Operations - Top Five Cable Communications Company

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