Alliant Consulting Aligning people, processes and metrics to meet your business goals.

No matter what the business and management challenge is, improving performance requires tools, talent and time.  Alliant Consulting‘s cache is built on decades of practice in Strategic Facilitation, Operational and Organizational Assessment, Restructuring and Redesign, Workforce Development, Project Design and Management, and Implementation Planning and Support.  No matter where you are on the path of performance improvement, Alliant can tailor services to your situation and goals to accelerate your progress.

Operational & Organizational Assessment

Sometimes, “you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.” Alliant’s team of experienced business operations consultants brings a fresh and informed perspective, and works closely with your people to help them find more opportunity and practical ways to capture it more quickly.

Solid assessment initiatives have yielded results like these for Alliant Consulting clients:

  • 300% increase in new prospect contacts
  • Customer service response gains (time, service, staff)
  • Savings in system rebuild costs through operational, functional and physical realignments

Operational & Organizational Restructuring

Whether you need to rescale or re-align, breakthrough change involves tough decisions about people and money. Alliant Consulting will help your people identify and map out opportunities to enhance service, quality and productivity to make the most of your resources.

Our team of business consultants has helped clients overcome operational barriers to achieve:

  • 7% increase in average revenue, with coincidental 13% staff attrition
  • 22% reduction in annual labor costs
  • Eight FTEs redeployed to create new operating unit – no additional costs

Implementation Planning & Support

Even the best solutions can fail if the necessary steps for implementation are not clearly identified and executed. Your team needs to own it, to make it happen. Alliant Consulting understands the challenge of implementing complex changes while running your daily business effectively. We will work closely with your people to make sure that the ones who have to make it work are involved in putting the implementation plans together.

Alliant’s business consultants have decades of experience in implementing goal-focused plans with solid planning, problem-solving, facilitation and coaching for complex projects like these:

  • Guided staff / management team to implement a new process at 7 pilot locations, plus 5 implementation teams to roll out new process at 300+ locations nationwide
  • Trained 25 employees of a global manufacturing company to implement redesigned product introduction process; trained 23 to manage implementation of empowerment recommendations
  • Led a 20+ masthead community newspaper group through the implementation of integrated changes in operational workflows, staffing, scheduling, skills, and systems
  • Trained / coached 20 employees as change agents to implement new model and perpetuate improvements throughout remaining 75% of regions for national home healthcare provider

Work Force Development

Do you have the bench strength to meet your workflow needs? Are your employees and managers sufficiently skilled and empowered to achieve success? Alliant Consulting brings a business consulting focus that can help you get a clear grasp on your quality and skill requirements to help you hire and develop your workforce to deliver their best. Services include skills inventories, career path development, training programs and employee, management, and executive coaching.

Alliant’s business management consultants have provided workforce training and coaching for numerous complex change initiatives:

  • Developed employee skill assessment, evaluation and training tools to achieve a 27% increase in completion of customer claims with no increase in staffing levels
  • Trained 25 employees of a global manufacturing company to implement redesigned product introduction process; trained 23 to manage implementation of empowerment recommendations
  • Prepared and coached client team at a 20+ masthead community newspaper group through a detailed operational redesign – including new editorial and pagination workflows, staffing, scheduling, skills, and systems

Project Design

How you set and approach project objectives, and integrate activities with other initiatives will make or break your project.

Alliant’s principals bring experience from hundreds of engagements to ensure your project design has the right elements and sequencing to achieve the results you need, on time and on budget.

  • Assist a Top University Veterinary Medical Center with ~30 specialties in finding ways to improve effectiveness and efficiencies across all departments
  • Assess the feasibility, attendant performance impacts and implementation approach for consolidating multiple customer service centers across regional home healthcare operations
  • Identify, measure and map opportunities for service, quality and productivity improvement of contracted workforce across multiple vendors and markets for a Top 10 U.S. Cable Telecommunications provider