Alliant Consulting Aligning people, processes and metrics to meet your business goals.

Managing Your Business in the Face of Change

How is the essence of successful change.  By creating “ah-ha” moments for your people and imparting assessment and solution development skills and tools, we accelerate goal achievement and perpetuate continuous performance improvement.  We bring expertise from the past, but when we work with you, your future is all that matters. We help you identify your goals and help you get there by empowering and enabling your team.

Involve the People Who Do the Work

Sometimes, only someone from the “outside” can help the people on the “inside” see, and move beyond, the barriers to peak performance.

Tapping into your people is a highly effective way to link information and actions to really build and sustain service and quality excellence and drive peak financial performance.  Alliant’s approach allows broad and deep participation in the assessment and improvement implementation processes without slowing down daily business or achievement of project goals.

Hands-On and Participative:
Learn from the Past, Look to the Future

We work hands-on with your people at every level to expand their skills and to cultivate ownership of performance improvement goals and change management. Alliant’s comprehensive, participative approach is based on established methodologies (I.e. Lean, Six Sigma) that enable your team to create customized processes for aligning operational practices to reach and sustain higher levels of customer service, quality, and productivity.

Empower and Enable the Team

Customized,  role-based dashboards and performance management coaching ensure that your people have the right information when they need it and the interpretive skills and action plan to sustain performance standards in real time.

Know Who You Serve and Where You Want to Go

With your customer’s perspectives in mind, we listen carefully to understand your situation, challenges, and goals. Then we collaborate with you to develop and implement an approach that will achieve your objectives by leveraging our combined resources – quickly and cost-effectively.

DEVELOP GREAT METHODS TO ACHIEVE GREAT RESULTS. Contact us to learn more about engaging your team to stay competitive and reach your goals.