Alliant Consulting Aligning people, processes and metrics to meet your business goals.

"Alliant worked on 2 projects for me and in both instances the team did a remarkable job. They mapped the processes, found the opportunities, and developed strategic plans for improvement. After executing those plans we saw vast improvements in customer service, employee morale, and in the bottom line. We were able save substantial operating costs (north of $1 million) as a result of Alliant's efforts. These are the folks you want when action, not talk, is what you are expecting from consultants. I will use them again and would recommend them to anyone looking to find the opportunities lurking within their own organization."

VP, Field Service Operations - Top Five Cable Communications Company

The consultants conduct themselves in a very professional manner while maintaining approachability. They think outside the box enough to challenge ideas but remain sensitive to our culture…. very detailed and action oriented which allowed movement forward in a tough project. Documentation was key and they put together clear and concise updates, project plans and implementation plans…. written communication in email was also stellar.

State Human Services, Continuous Improvement Engineer

Through her professional demeanor and PM skills the consultant was able to move a project work stream forward where other attempts had stalled out... and was able to create a sound transition and implementation plan which the team will carry forward...

State Human Services, Continuous Improvement Engineer

You and your team have been awesome partners, helping us to get where we are today.

Senior Director, HR - Top 5 U.S. Cable MSO

"I also wanted to mention how much we appreciate all of the feedback that Alliant has given to (us). The strategic benchmarking analysis and evaluation that Alliant provided will now allow our company to establish leadership performance targets. This not only gives credibility to the data that we provide to our top management but validates that we are heading in the right direction with our key performance indicators. Alliant has also helped us understand the gaps in our lower performers and the implications to our internal/external customers. This prioritization will focus our efforts on opportunities that really matter. Thanks,"

VP, Global Logistics and Fulfillment

I am taking this opportunity to Thank You very much for your help this spring. It was just the right amount needed in the right places.

Director, Customer Care - Top Canadian International Newspaper

Alliant really did a great job helping us stand up our department. As I read through this transition report it struck me how much we accomplished in a relatively short time. We’ve got a lot left to do, but you really got us on the right track.

Director, Enterprise Software Development - National Cable Communications Company

Of course, I would be happy to be a positive reference for you. Our experience with your team and the work we did together helped us take giant steps forward toward becoming a successful stand-alone company.

CEO, Regional Financial System Shared Services

Thank you so much!! Without your company’s common sense approach to improving operations through human interaction and cultivating I would not have been promoted. I look forward to continuing to make [company] stronger through the training and guidance Alliant has provided. I look forward to working with your company in the future.

Supervisor, Video Operations Support - National Cable Communications Company

“Alliant is like hiring a staff member who understands the company's priorities and delivers results in the time asked for. They understand the full scope of the work before dollars are committed and meet the expectations asked for.”

Director, Advertising Operations - Major Metro Newspaper

“I had the opportunity to work with Alliant on a project to improve process flow and enhance revenue. We had remarkable progress in a timely, effective and individualized program. It was a very impressive collaboration both from an organizational and business outcomes perspective. I would highly recommend Alliant.”

Director HR - Metro Newspaper

“The time it takes to bring on a new person and have them fully functional has moved from a year to two months thanks to the on-boarding program you helped us design.”

NOC, Quality Assurance & Business Analyst - National Cable Communications Company

“… Alliant was the only organization I worked with that took the time to understand our organization, knew how to bring value without spending a fortune, and delivered more than pricey white paper – they stayed to implement their concepts. However, the most important feature of Alliant’s work is in the measured performances they deliver. Visualize being on the client’s premises, implementing the idea you just sold them as “the solution” and having the faith that the measurements achieved will deliver the results you just promised.”

Advertising Sales & Operations Executive - News Media Ad Sales

“…looking forward to working with Alliant again!! The NOC has really taken the Model ACI helped us to develop to the next level and are truly owning the process and making continual improvements along the way… Good to see the company has made the commitment to continually improve!! Really Excited!!”

Quality Assurance & Training Supervisor - A Large Cable / Telcom Firm

"I also wanted to say thank you again. In case CJ didn't tell you I was promoted to Project Manager on Catalyst. And I have you, Linda, Rick, and Sherwin to thank for this. You all assisted me in seeing areas of improvement that I needed to focus on so I thank you all for that. I have grown and changed so much in the last year and you all at Alliant are to thank for this improvement in my life! So hats off to all of you."

Project Team Member - National Healthcare Provider

“Want to pass along some comments I have gotten from several users regarding the 800 Mhz meeting yesterday. I've heard folks indicate that it was the most "informative" and "productive" meeting on this subject that they've ever attended. I too thought that it was well organized and presented in an easy to understand manner for the average user. Thanks!”

Radio Operations and Committee Member - 911-Dispatch, Metro County

“Thank you for training the HR Compensation and Retirement staff last month. We heard many positive comments from the staff.”

Director, HR - Regional Hospital Group

“As usual you're doing more than expected and I appreciate it.”

CEO - National Healthcare Provider

“We were very impressed by the quality of the procedures and the process by which they were being developed."

Member - Metropolitan Planning Council

“Tuesday night we honored the project team as company-wide innovators of the year”

VP, Advertising Sales - Metro Newspaper

“The County was fortunate to have Alliant on this project. Alliant is an organization of high standards and a strong moral commitment to its customers; that is something not often seen anymore. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with you and have learned much.”

Communications Manager - Major Metropolitan County Sheriff’s Department

"I can't imagine managing this project without one of you (Alliant consultants) here! We should have moved right into this project when we finished that last one in DP."

Director, Quality - National Healthcare Provider

“You've done a fantastic job of leading the planning effort. Many of the departments have expressed their satisfaction with the process and the results. I'll keep Alliant in my list of important contacts for the next challenging opportunity.”

Project Manager - Global Communications Devices & Systems Manufacturer & Services Company

“As we progress, the wisdom of your training, processes and organization structure continue to unfold. I am eternally grateful for your dedicated help to move us in the right direction. We have a very long way to go, but I have the vision and my senior managers are catching it. I am really excited about our prospects as an IS organization.”

CIO - Global Direct Marketing and Manufacturing Company

“This is like a different company now with all the elements Alliant Consulting introduced.”

Classified Sales Manager - Metro Community Newspaper Group

“…And, of course we can't help but attribute our success in large measure to our new way of doing business. Thank you Alliant!”

VP, Advertising Sales - Major Metro Newspaper

“Please send all my warmest regards to your very fine crew … I am so appreciative of all of the lessons which they gifted to me.”

President - Major Cable Communications Company

“…Thank you for making me look good for recommending you.”

VP, IT - Metro Newspaper Company

“PIP (process improvement program) worked out fantastically - huge improvement, was awesome!”

Marketing Manager - Global Chemical Manufacturing & Services Company

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for all the hard work and time spent putting this project together. I know it will bring the needed changes to our operations so we can better service our customers. I also know it's taken a lot of hard work and many long hours to put together a project of this magnitude, It's the best thing I've seen in our business in the past 25 years. Thanks again."

District Manager, Field Services - Major Metro Cable Communications Company

“The rollout for WFX/NOC/Dispatch has been accomplished successfully - very impressive in terms of tight schedules, almost no room for error, and a major paradigm shift in the business model. Congratulations on leading an effort that was very well done.”

VP, IT - Major Metro Cable Communications Company

“I feel so lucky to have been mentored by Alliant. I learned so much and have not been exposed to that much learning at a single time in years. It was a great education and I am very thankful that I had that opportunity.”

Classified Call Center Manager - Major Metro Newspaper

“Alliant Consulting has left an indelible mark on our Company, not only in terms of the ad flow redesign, but also in process and planning best practices.”

Marketing Director - Major Metro Newspaper

“…with the increased volumes, we would have been in a real world of hurt if our costs per unit hadn’t actually declined.”

CFO - Major Metro Cable Communications Company

“I’m a better manager today than I’ve ever been. Didn’t know what it was before Alliant came in. I’ve been promoted twice since then from supervisor to sales manager - 2 years.”

Audience Development Sales Manager - Metro Newspaper