Alliant Consulting Aligning people, processes and metrics to meet your business goals.

Alliant Consulting has provided management consulting services to public agencies and to private companies across many industries. Our team brings particularly deep expertise as business advisors to the News Media / Publishing, High-Speed Communications, Healthcare and Manufacturing Industries, as well as Government Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations. Organizations of all kinds have appreciated our ability to quickly grasp their situation and help them employ highly effective principles of high performance to achieve their goals.

Video, Voice and High-Speed Data

As the digital world converges, Cable TV and Telecom providers are racing to improve Residential and Business Class customer service, manage costs, and stay competitive. Our business consulting resume includes national, regional and metro-area providers who turned to Alliant Consulting for help with reinventing their operating models and environment to meet their rapidly changing customer expectations and technology challenges.

Typical results include:

  • 98% of calls answered within 30 seconds
  • Less than a 2% call abandonment rate
  • 75% next-day installation scheduling
  • Cut overtime by 72%
  • Reduced rebuild costs by 3.3%

Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centers, Homecare, DME/HME Suppliers, Insurers

Virtually every area of Healthcare is looking for ways to meet standards and regulations, reduce costs, and optimize both the patient and employee experience. Alliant’s team of business management consultants has helped a broad cross-section of Healthcare organizations to achieve their current goals and build capacity  to meet  future challenges.

For example, we helped a $1.2B home healthcare provider:

  • Reduce revenue adjustments by 64%
  • Cut accounts receivable >180 days by 42%
  • Improve productivity by 25%
  • Boost claims completion rate by 27% without staff increase
  • Shave 1.9% off annual budget through process / staffing alignment

News Media – Newspaper Publishing, Radio & Broadcast TV

The digital age continues to push newspapers and all forms of news media to evolve. The pace is fast, and fractions in time and money matter. Alliant Consulting has provided business consulting services to newspapers and news media companies across the U.S., from suburban weeklies to large metro daily papers and cross-media organizations.

Some of the results:

  • Sales revenue increase of 12%
  • 32% increase in average revenue per ad
  • Reduced labor cost by 22% per year
  • Improved subscriber retention (at 90 days) by 31%
  • 77% reduction in phone call abandonment rate
  • 30% increase in time for selling

Government and Non – profit

Public-sector teams have the same pressures to meet standards, quantify results, and achieve improvement targets as their private-sector counterparts, sometimes more.  Alliant Consulting’s experience with business consulting for non-profit and government agencies includes some powerful successes.

A regional public safety radio system operator hired Alliant to provide management consulting to:

  • Plan the migration of 4,000 plus public safety radio users from over 60 distinct municipal, county and federal agencies onto a new 800 MHz interoperable wireless network – efficiently
  • Create consensus-based policies, procedures and standards to manage and use the new  public safety / public service wireless network
  • Establish and organize a master document, including a creation process for integrating, contesting, and updating nearly 100 policies, procedures and standards
  • Train participants in effective meetings process for ongoing and future task management

Manufacturing Product and Process Flow Improvement

Whether local, regional, or global, the manufacturing clients who have turned to Alliant’s business consultants have shared a common link – the need to speed up production, reduce costs, and extract more value from every person and every task.

A fast-growing global manufacturer seeking to improve its new product introduction processes used Alliant’s business consulting expertise to achieve:

  • Streamlined process flow for 60-80% of new products
  • 20% reduction in process steps for a key product group
  • Six to nine month reductions in workflow for chemical and non-chemical changes
  • Cut paperwork processing time by 5-10% for new chemistry and by 20% for chemistry adjustments