Alliant Consulting Aligning people, processes and metrics to meet your business goals.

Cultures are formed by many influences over time, can be deep rooted and can form unconstructive qualities. Beginning or advancing a transformation requires clarity regarding what is expected and what is not accepted, and consistency in practice from the front line to the executive suite. Alliant brings an outside perspective and transformative process to realign values, expectations and behaviors with your organization’s vision, mission and goals, and to support the steps needed to effect organizational and cultural change. Alliant Consulting can help, entering your culture where it is today, and enlisting your entire organization in a culture shift.

We provide input and a customer-focused perspective, and identify operational and interpersonal “disconnects” with that perspective. We introduce new thinking – focused on customer satisfaction rather than internal fiefdoms. We help your people identify the roadblocks, brainstorm for solutions, and reinvent your business culture to meet your goals.

  • Shift Sales-Takers to Sales-Makers: drive revenue growth and cost savings by fostering a consultative, proactive, sales-closing environment versus an order-taking culture
  • Pre-empt: transform into a nimble, efficient, quick-response, highly customer-focused organization to thwart or overcome competitive threats
  • Win – Win: steady and rebuild workforce relationships through mutual respect and shared performance goals

Alliant Consulting has contributed to a number of true transformations of organizational cultures. Learn more from Alliant Consulting Case Studies.




MOVE YOUR CULTURE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Contact us to find strategies for reshaping the beliefs, attitudes, and interactions of your cultural environment for long-term success.