Alliant Consulting Aligning people, processes and metrics to meet your business goals.

In today’s global, high-tech market, competition is fierce and windows of opportunity close quickly.  Better, Faster and Cheaper” are being redefined daily.  The good news is you don’t have to “chose any two” when it comes to improving your approach to managing change and improving performance. To thrive, organizations must get better faster, accelerating innovation in what they offer, and how they produce and provide it. And there’s no free pass for the public sector; constricted resources, growing demand and higher service expectations from constituents are pressing.

How can you cost-effectively achieve faster performance improvement?  Alliant can help you chart a quicker, surer path to your business objectives, and cultivate your organization’s innovation capacity by imparting tools, skills and support to your people every step of the way.  Alliant Consulting can help you utilize data to review the components of your business that affect the customer experience, pinpoint problems and opportunities, and create business process improvement steps that make sense for your customers and your business.

We tap proven methods for improving business performance, including: reviewing work processes and workflows, standards, policies and procedures; service delivery and performance measurement models. We use “Lean principles” to eliminate wasteful steps, support a continuous process flow, implement visual management tools, and improve current approaches – all based on subject matter expertise and process review provided by your team.

  • Engage Your People: achieve levels of staff input exceeding 50% through approaches to task team participation that won’t slow down daily business activities
  • Strengthen your Workforce: provide training and coaching for your front-line supervisors and managers, to strengthen skills and align practices with your goals
  • Wow Your Customers: use benchmarks, company surveys, and customer data and correspondence to identify opportunities to win more customers, grow share and boost retention rates
  • Move the Needle: target and reach ever higher service, quality and productivity levels to increase your bottom-line

Cost-effective and measurable performance improvement is at the heart of every Alliant Consulting project. Learn more from Alliant Consulting Case Studies.




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