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Public or private, the demands on finance and accounting organizations mount as new business models emerge, risk sensitivity rises and regulations increase.  Along with the daily business of billing, collections, credit approvals, budgeting, reporting, audit and the like, technology implementation, risk intelligence and operations have become required strategic capabilities. Need to accrue more capacity? Alliant Consulting can help you, with financial operations consulting.

The “back office” plays a key role in creating a world class customer experience. We understand the links and the key performance drivers. Our finance and accounting management consultants can guide you to “best practice” solutions that will make it easy for your customers to do business with you, while maintaining controls, reducing costs, managing projects and strengthening your bench.

  • Improve Cash Flow: streamline billing and collections procedures to reduce outstanding receivables
  • Increase Revenue: identify and realize your revenue cycle performance barriers and opportunities
  • Reduce Costs: identify and leverage upstream opportunities to prevent losses and waste

Clients have hired our accounting and finance consultants for help with everything from strategic budget planning and technology implementation to benefits administration, procurement, billing and collections. Learn more from Alliant Consulting Case Studies.




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