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The pressures on the cable and telecommunications field to increase content, speed, reliability, availability and quality of service never stop – while technologies and consumers’ demands and options advance at a dizzying pace. Alliant Consulting’s cable consultants can help.

The Cable TV / telecom consultants on the Alliant team have been working with the industry for decades. We understand the technologies, customer expectations, and the pace you’re dealing with. We can help you identify your targets for improvement, and then achieve the desired results, quickly and sustainably.

  • Improve the Customer Experience: decrease abandonment rates, response times, call-backs and repeat truck rolls, improve first call resolution, customer retention and collections
  • Improve System Reliability: Reduce Customer-impacting events, Maintenance related events and Mean-time to repair
  • Streamline Workflows: cut paperwork, eliminate backlogs, decrease distance between customer need and resolution, reduce technology and CPE costs
  • Motivate Employee and Contractor workforce: redesign incentives and processes to improve service, quality, productivity and morale

Alliant’s Cable TV and telecommunications consultants have worked in the field since the mid-1960s. Clients have included:

  • Bresnan Cable
  • Bright House Networks
  • Buckeye Cable System, Buckeye TeleSystem
  • Cencom Cable
  • Continental Cable
  • Multivision Cable
  • Paragon Cable
  • Time Warner Cable
  • United Artists Cable

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