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Case Studies filtered by Healthcare / Insurance:

Large U.S. Independent Practice Association Improves Service, Efficiency and Compliance

IMPROVE SERVICE to health plan participants, ensure compliance with health plan contract SLA’s, and increase the efficiency of IPA and member-physician operations Project Focus Customer Service, Medical Affairs, and Claims Departments in Health Plan Association and Member Clinics Assess, redesign, and implement new workflows, processes, policies, procedures and operational structures Improve service and performance Client […]

Big 10 University Veterinary Medical Center Improves Service, Efficiency and Patient Flow

IDENTIFY AND REALIZE POTENTIAL contributions from improving the productivity and effectiveness of a teaching, research and practicing Veterinary Medical Center to optimize capacity, and increase competitiveness and profitability Project Focus Document and evaluate current operations, and develop specific recommendations and implementation plans to increase revenue, service, quality, productivity and morale while sustaining ongoing operations and […]

Top 5 U.S. Home Healthcare Provider – Service Center Consolidation Feasibility Study & Pilot

ASSESS THE FEASIBILITY and performance impacts of consolidating customer service call center operations, design and support an implementation plan for the consolidation of three centers into one location as a consolidation pilot Project Focus Assess workflows, functions, activities, policies, procedures, and practices of the three call centers intaking new patients and orders to identify opportunities and barriers to consolidation.  Conduct […]

A National Healthcare Provider

IMPLEMENT A “HIGH PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT MODEL” designed to improve revenue management and operational performance in order entry, distribution, service billing, and collections through a group of internal resources who can lead and perpetuate model implementation in 350+ offices across the U.S. Training Focus To transfer effective management principles and techniques, knowledge of model elements and […]

Top 5 U.S. Home Healthcare Equipment, Supplies and Respiratory Therapy Provider

QUICKLY REDUCE ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE ADJUSTMENTS, write-offs and collection time for a company with $1.2 Billion annual revenue and over 350 offices throughout the U.S. Project Focus Review revenue management operations at representative location(s) to identify collection performance barriers and opportunities, design a “high performance revenue management model” and plan for implementation throughout the company, and […]

Healthcare Linen Services Company

REDESIGN THE OPERATING MODEL and quickly improve service, quality and productivity performance The organization was missing order commitments, losing inventory and running well below industry productivity benchmarks and the plant management team was in process of being replaced. Project Focus Based on our assessment, a new workflow, new schedules, staffing models, organization model, work aids […]

Large National Medical Equipment And Supplies Provider

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENT A VIABLE QUICK HIT IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM that would generate an immediate performance lift in the collectable accounts receivable area and provide the foundation for continuous improvement.  An additional criterion was to deliver this program in less than five calendar weeks Project Focus Evaluated and improved processes, workflows, procedures and tools that ensured […]

Large National Medical Equipment And Supplies Provider

The client has a subsidiary HME company that has a backlog of over 1300 patient accounts representing approximately $4 million of unresolved, aged accounts receivable and have no viable way to rationalize estimates of recoverability, write offs or reserve requirements.  They wish to assess the situation and collect maximum possible revenue while implementing “high impact” […]

A National Healthcare Provider

A HOME DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY SUBSIDIARY has a large backlog of claims and weak revenue management/collections processes and policies in place. They wish to move forward on due diligence proceedings with a prospective buyer of the subsidiary company. This situation has stalled the sales process and placed them at risk for assessment of severe […]

A National Healthcare Provider

ANALYZE AGED ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE (>180 DAYS), determine causes for nonpayment, procure required documentation and collect maximum possible revenue while implementing “high impact” operational changes to stop the continuing build-up of aging accounts receivable in a subsidiary HME company Project Focus Provided expertise and management for a special collections team to work aged accounts, acquire necessary […]

Top 5 U.S. Home Healthcare Provider – DSO Reduction

REDUCE ADJUSTMENTS, WRITE-OFFS AND COLLECTION TIME for accounts receivables across 350 U.S. offices for this medical equipment company with $1.2 billion in annual revenue Project Focus Medical Equipment Supplier’s Patient Intake, Accounts Receivables and Collections departments Assess revenue management operations, from intake through billing and collections, at representative locations Identify collection performance barriers and opportunities […]