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IMPROVE SERVICE QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS related to Retail Advertising Sales and Support, Pre-Press, Ad Production and Spec Ad design to reduce labor costs and adjustments to revenue while increasing Customer Satisfaction. To increase Classified Advertising revenue, improve customer service, and reduce abandoned calls, makegoods, adjustments and other costs.  To increase Circulation sales effectiveness and reduce customer churn and operating costs across nine circulation operating divisions

Project Focus

Assess, redesign and implement new workflows, practices, procedures and organization structure to improve quality, service and productivity, in the Retail and Classified Advertising, Circulation, Administration and Accounting departments.

Financial and Operating Benefits

Retail Advertising:

  • 11% reduction in adjustments
  • 8% reduction in rerun costs
  • 1% increase in advertising revenue
  • 5% reduction in labor costs associated with revisions
  • 98% overnight proof turnaround 21% increase in revenue per hour worked generating millions of dollars in increased revenue

Classified Advertising:

  • 41% increase in calls handled per hour worked
  • 21% increase in calls offered
  • 33% reduction in calls abandoned
  • 21% reduction in hours worked
  • 33% reduction in makegoods
  • 1% reduction in adjustments


  • 27% improvement in retention
  • 10% reduction in complaints
  • 48% reduction in second complaints
  • 12% reduction in poor service stops
  • 76% improvement in time Sales Reps spent talking with prospects
  • 51% decrease in calls abandoned
  • 49% improvement in average speed to answer phone calls
  • 30% reduction in solicitor misrepresentation stops
  • 41% reduction in kills within 28 days of direct sales
  • 12% stop reduction for telemarketing

Key Changes

Retail Advertising:

  • Developed Advertising mission statements and standards for quality and service
  • Designed and implemented a new organization structure, consolidating functions and departments
  • Implemented a “control point” ad tracking system
  • Implemented staffing and scheduling based on objective measurements
  • Implemented a consolidated tearsheet fulfillment center
  • Implemented same day response to all advertiser requests
  • Redesigned compensation packages for the new organization structure
  • Implemented key indicator reporting and daily performance review meetings
  • Developed Customer/Sales Executive training materials/program re: production specifications, terminology and color

Classified Advertising:

  • Designed and implemented operational model with new roles, responsibilities and routine days for Sales Managers, Sales Reps, and Sales Associates, which provided Sales Managers and Sales Reps with increased time selling and up-selling customers rather than performing administrative functions
  • Developed and implemented a departmental mission statements that incorporated sales and service standards of performance
  • Developed and implemented a staffing and scheduling methodology that supports customer call patterns
  • Developed, trained and implemented training for inside sales representatives
  • Developed, implemented and trained manager/supervisors on how to read and utilize phone statistics for service, quality and performance improvement
  • Developed and implemented an upgraded adjustment policy
  • Implemented daily measurement of results through a management reporting and communication system which included key indicator reports
  • Designed and implemented a management training program that focused on effective sales and call center management skills in the redesigned environment
  • Consolidated and eliminated forms and work processes resulting in six digit annualized cost reduction
  • Consolidated redundant positions


  • Mission statements and standards were developed
  • Implemented a performance driven employee skills training system
  • Implemented staffing and scheduling based on objective measurements
  • Implemented a new process for the coordination between departments of the introduction of new promotions
  • Implemented a productivity-based, performance driven compensation structure for sales and management
  • Implemented new procedures for sales/order entry methods to increase order quality and retention
  • Improved and increased utilization of the ACD telephone system through training on reporting capabilities and effective management of the system
  • Standardized sales and delivery systems and practices, creating efficiencies and profits in the process
  • Reorganized and centralized customer service operations

“The time it takes to bring on a new person and have them fully functional has moved from a year to two months thanks to the on-boarding program you helped us design.”

NOC, Quality Assurance & Business Analyst - National Cable Communications Company