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INCREASE SERVICE AND SALES EFFECTIVENESS, reduce customer churn, and decrease operating costs across nine circulation-focused operating divisions

Project Focus

  • Metro Daily Newspaper’s Audience Development Operations, including Direct Sales, Telemarketing Sales, Customer Service, and Delivery Operations
  • Assess, redesign, and implement new workflows, processes, policies, procedures, and organizational structure

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 27% increase in customer retention
  • 10% reduction in complaints; 48% decrease in second complaints
  • 12% drop in poor service stops
  • 49% improvement in average speed to answer inbound calls
  • 76% improvement in time sales reps spent talking with prospects
  • 51% decrease in call abandonment rate
  • Cancellations within 28 days dropped by 41% for direct sales and 12% for telemarketing
  • 30% reduction in stops due to solicitor misrepresentation
  • Increased efficiencies and profits from improvements in process, performance and productivity

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed a performance-driven environment, supported by mission statements, performance standards, and employee skills training
  • Implemented staffing and scheduling processes based on objective measurements
  • Improved processes for coordinating the roll-out of new promotions between departments
  • Implemented a productivity-based, performance-driven compensation structure for sales management and sales force
  • Implemented new sales/order entry methods designed to increase order quality and customer retention
  • Increased utilization of the ACD phone system through training focused on effective management of the system and its reporting capabilities
  • Standardized sales and delivery systems and practices
  • Reorganized and centralized customer service operations

“You've done a fantastic job of leading the planning effort. Many of the departments have expressed their satisfaction with the process and the results. I'll keep Alliant in my list of important contacts for the next challenging opportunity.”

Project Manager - Global Communications Devices & Systems Manufacturer & Services Company