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INCREASE SERVICE AND SALES EFFECTIVENESS, reduce customer churn, and decrease operating costs across nine circulation-focused operating divisions

Project Focus

  • Metro Daily Newspaper’s Audience Development Operations, including Direct Sales, Telemarketing Sales, Customer Service, and Delivery Operations
  • Assess, redesign, and implement new workflows, processes, policies, procedures, and organizational structure

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 27% increase in customer retention
  • 10% reduction in complaints; 48% decrease in second complaints
  • 12% drop in poor service stops
  • 49% improvement in average speed to answer inbound calls
  • 76% improvement in time sales reps spent talking with prospects
  • 51% decrease in call abandonment rate
  • Cancellations within 28 days dropped by 41% for direct sales and 12% for telemarketing
  • 30% reduction in stops due to solicitor misrepresentation
  • Increased efficiencies and profits from improvements in process, performance and productivity

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed a performance-driven environment, supported by mission statements, performance standards, and employee skills training
  • Implemented staffing and scheduling processes based on objective measurements
  • Improved processes for coordinating the roll-out of new promotions between departments
  • Implemented a productivity-based, performance-driven compensation structure for sales management and sales force
  • Implemented new sales/order entry methods designed to increase order quality and customer retention
  • Increased utilization of the ACD phone system through training focused on effective management of the system and its reporting capabilities
  • Standardized sales and delivery systems and practices
  • Reorganized and centralized customer service operations