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INCREASE SALES PERFORMANCE, QUALITY AND SERVICE resulting in increased advertising revenue, improved ad quality, and decreased adjustment and makegood costs

Training Focus

To develop training programs that focus on sales and sales management skills designed to improve customer service, quality, revenue performance, and sales productivity.

Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 4.4% improvement in Advertising revenue
  • 10 to 15% increase in sales time for sales representatives
  • 18.6% increase in average ads sold per sales representative
  • 13.1% increase in revenue per sales representative
  • 29% increase in account load capacity for the sales representatives
  • 63% reduction in advertising error rates
  • 700% increase in the number of Spec Ads produced
  • Provided training to improve the processing of electronic ads

Key Concepts and Benefits

  • Designed and implemented Sales Management key indicator reporting that tied to individual and functional performance goals
  • Designed and implemented new roles, responsibilities and routine days for Advertising Sales Representatives and Sales Management
  • Designed and implemented Sales Management
  • Developed and implemented quality and service standards in the Advertising department
  • Provided skill assessment tools necessary to determine future training and re-training needs

Of course, I would be happy to be a positive reference for you. Our experience with your team and the work we did together helped us take giant steps forward toward becoming a successful stand-alone company.

CEO, Regional Financial System Shared Services