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BRING THE COMPANY INTO COMPLIANCE with technical and service standards and meet franchise renewal requirements

Project Focus

  • Cable TV Customer Service including Call Center, Correspondence, Billing and Collections.
  • Assess, redesign and implement new workflows, processes, policies, procedures and organization structure.
  • Develop and implement a construction management plan for physical plant upgrades, on schedule and within budget.
  • Optimize and oversee contact center redesign, including installation of a new phone system and other changes to support targeted goals.

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • Answer 98% of calls within 30 seconds
  • Call abandonment rate at less than 2%
  • 90% next-day service call scheduling
  • 75% next-day installation scheduling
  • Shaved 3.3% off renovation costs with process solutions
  • Obtained new 20-year franchise with no penalties levied
  • Overcame history of service complaints
  • Improved employee skills and management performance
  • Improved staff productivity, utilization, and morale

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • New telephone switch eliminated physical barriers to service
  • Guided a purposeful remodel of customer service team’s work environment to support changes and morale
  • Clearly defined and documented roles and responsibilities, supported by employee and management training
  • Developed performance standards and streamlined procedures to reduce errors and duplications
  • Implemented revised, consistent methods with employee training and support
  • Embraced a customer-focused, demand-based staffing and scheduling philosophy
  • Improved team communication by implementing a quick daily huddle
  • Improved staffing and scheduling model to better meet customer demand
  • Improved staff utilization and productivity

"I also wanted to say thank you again. In case CJ didn't tell you I was promoted to Project Manager on Catalyst. And I have you, Linda, Rick, and Sherwin to thank for this. You all assisted me in seeing areas of improvement that I needed to focus on so I thank you all for that. I have grown and changed so much in the last year and you all at Alliant are to thank for this improvement in my life! So hats off to all of you."

Project Team Member - National Healthcare Provider