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A RECENT OPERATIONAL AUDIT UNCOVERED SERVERAL CHALLENGES from an initial best practices implementation. Symptoms included: growing backlog of SRQs, managers stretched and unable to meet demands with current work force, reactive assignment rearrangement and fire-fighting, tension and frustration amongst the management team, lack of team work.

A plan was developed to get the missing pieces in place, with the primary focus on proactive management routines and practices with the full management team. This included the reporting and use of Key Performance Indicators to measure results and initiate actions to improve performance. Full-blown implementation and coaching began following a session with the management team to review the model, identify barriers to implementing it fully and develop solutions to those barriers.  Two Alliant coaches worked with the managers and staff for 3 weeks, 1 Alliant coach worked an additional week to concentrate on the Director role and routines.

Accomplishments after three weeks

  • All elements in place per best practices: Maintenance, RCA, break fix, QA, etc.
  • Managers’ priorities include reducing backlog, assigned/resolved tickets within the department, equalizing workload and improving mean time to resolve (MTTR) results as follows Identified critical variances in process and practice and facilitated common expectations
  • Routine meetings including daily team huddles, individual “check in”s, shift transition and weekly management review meetings are in place and utilizing KPI  to improve performance and enhance communication and coordination between staff and management
  • Managers are reviewing and providing timely feedback on tickets, elevating root cause analysis (RCA) compliance, reviewing maintenances and sharing opportunities for improvement and kudos
  • Performance management has been improved with timely measurement and follow-up by the managers and coordinated efforts with HR

Operating & Financial Opportunities Realized

  • Ticket backlog that had slipped to 19 tickets was reduced and the team is consistently meeting the goal of no backlog with a structured process and assigned resources to ensure timely response
  • Doubled the number of maintenances performed with near zero fault
  • Next steps are established and assigned that enhance clarity in expectations, process or procedures
  • Strengthened management skills through tailored coaching and training related to performance management, coaching and communication practices
  • A significant achievement of the implementation has been the culture change within the department into one of respect and positive interaction internally and externally

The consultants conduct themselves in a very professional manner while maintaining approachability. They think outside the box enough to challenge ideas but remain sensitive to our culture…. very detailed and action oriented which allowed movement forward in a tough project. Documentation was key and they put together clear and concise updates, project plans and implementation plans…. written communication in email was also stellar.

State Human Services, Continuous Improvement Engineer