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A METROPOLITAN COUNTY ENCOMPASSING police, fire, EMS services and 911 Dispatch for 13 municipalities, all sheriff’s departments and Homeland Security/Emergency Management is joining the Regional 800 MHz Communication System, developing its own subsystem in concert with the overall regional communications plan

Project Focus

Recognizing the transition to an interoperable, digital trunked radio system from traditional VHF/UHF systems as an opportunity to improve responsiveness and reduce costs, the county wished to explore alternatives to the current 911 emergency dispatch operations being handled by 4 separate dispatch centers.

Alliant Consulting was an integral partner in the development of the user migration plan for the regionally shared 800MHz   system and had a strong background in call center and dispatch operations.

The Approach

Alliant partnered with leadership to develop a plan, whereby a Dispatch Work Group (DWG) consisting of public safety and 911 dispatch professionals from representative jurisdiction was formed and lead by Alliant in developing 5 alternative structural operating models to handle 911 dispatching for the county and all its municipalities, with consideration for ancillary services being provided to select municipalities currently running their own 911 centers.

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Refine PSAP organizational, staffing and cost models for review and consideration by County Board officials to support the decision process regarding PSAP consolidation and co-location within the County
  • Developed physical, furniture, staffing and electronics requirements for a County PSAP capable of processing all countywide emergency 911 telephone requests and public safety radio communications to support response to such requests for assistance. Projected needs through the year 2014
  • Participated in a two-stage furniture procurement process and identified resources required to develop and review the interior design and equipping of the new County PSAP
  • Developed a redundancy and diverse routing plan for the new County trunked radio system, new CAD system and for the 911 system serving the new County PSAP and existing PSAPs
  • Determined general Countywide talk group logging/recording requirements and plan for centralized recording and remote access of recorded radio communications
  • Participated in the development, review and response to the Request For Bid (RFB) for Console Electronics from Vendor
  • Participated in the development of the design and engineering requirements for a countywide fire service paging system
  • Reviewed and provided input on the specifications for the countywide CAD system being purchased by a City