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INCREASE CUSTOMER FOCUS throughout the organization and improve service responsiveness both inside and outside the company – and thereby increase revenue, external customer retention, internal customer satisfaction, operational performance, and resource utilization

Project Focus

  • Large Daily Newspaper’s Retail Ad Sales and Production, Classified Advertising, Circulation, Finance, Accounting, Purchasing and Human Resources Departments
  • Assess, redesign and implement new workflows, processes, policies, procedures, and operational structure
  • Identify, measure and realize opportunities to improve customer service, quality, productivity and efficiency

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 10-15% increase in selling time for retail ad sales reps
  • 29% decrease in retail ad credit adjustment dollars
  • Reduced ad errors and proof turnaround time by nearly 75%
  • Increased size of average classified ad sale by 10-23%
  • Faster classified phone response, to 88% within 20 seconds (from 60% in 30 seconds)
  • 76% reduction in classified sales call abandonment rate
  • Improved subscriber retention at 90 days by 31%
  • 35% increase in circulation calls handled per hour, with 98% answered within 20 seconds (from 83% in 30 seconds)
  • 77% reduction in circulation’s call abandonment rate
  • Reduced correspondence response time by 92%
  • 53% drop in cost of unbilled papers produced
  • Increase of 340% in collection calls per hour, with 100% reduction in referrals to collection agencies
  • 67% decrease in payment processing time, with a 12% increase in accounts payable processed per hour
  • Cut processing time for credit approvals by 93%
  • 75% reduction in purchasing response time
  • 1.3% reduction in general, selling, and administrative purchase costs

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed service, quality and productivity standards for all departments
  • Redesigned workflows, processes, policies and procedures
  • Improved organizational structure by realigning spans of control and by creating or consolidating functions, positions and departments
  • Integrated HR and Training to promote ongoing skills development and training
  • Redefined Human Resources role to be more pro-active and service oriented within the organization
  • Implemented a communication program between Human Resources and the union to reduce and/or eliminate contractual grievances
  • Implemented new tracking, reporting, and communication processes
  • Implemented balanced staffing and scheduling systems
  • Assessed, trained, and supported staff in transition to new operational models

"I also wanted to say thank you again. In case CJ didn't tell you I was promoted to Project Manager on Catalyst. And I have you, Linda, Rick, and Sherwin to thank for this. You all assisted me in seeing areas of improvement that I needed to focus on so I thank you all for that. I have grown and changed so much in the last year and you all at Alliant are to thank for this improvement in my life! So hats off to all of you."

Project Team Member - National Healthcare Provider