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INCREASE HOME DELIVERY CIRCULATION, CUSTOMER SERVICE, customer retention and improve operational performance so that service, quality and retention are maintained long term, while reducing costs

Project Focus

Conducted an operational assessment, designed and implemented the recommendations for a “customer focused” Circulation Distribution and Sales Organization to increase retention, service, quality and operational performance while reducing costs.  New customers were targeted for a significant improvement in current delivery and service.

Financial Benefits

  • 77% reduction in customer service abandoned call rate
  • 90%+ reduction in correspondence response time (from >10 days to 1 day)
  • 36% increase in customer service productivity
  • 26% improvement in calls handled per hour worked
  • 48% increase in 90-day retention (34.3% to 50.8%)
  • 51% reduction in “did not order” stops
  • 61% reduction in “solicitor misrepresentation” stops
  • 32% reduction in “never pay” accounts
  • 40% decrease in credit adjustments (as a percent of revenue)

Key Changes and Operational Benefits

  • Developed circulation mission and standards for quality and service
  • Implemented a redesigned organization structure, consolidating functions
  • Implemented a performance driven employee skills training system
  • Implemented new outbound payment collections unit – resulting in a 76% reduction in fees to outside verification contractor
  • Implement a new sales verification and order entry unit – eliminating outside contractor verification
  • Implemented staffing and scheduling based on objective measurements