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IMPROVE SERVICE QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS related to Sales and Advertiser Support, Pre-Press, Ad Production and Spec Ad design to reduce labor costs and adjustments to revenue while increasing Customer Satisfaction

Project Focus

Conducted an operational assessment, designed and implemented the recommendations for a “customer focused” Sales and Production Organization.  Reorganized and streamlined workflows to increase service, quality and operational performance while reducing costs.

Financial Benefits

  • 11% reduction in adjustments
  • 8% reduction in rerun costs
  • 1% increased advertising revenue
  • 5% reduction in labor costs associated with revisions
  • 5% reduction in labor associated with revisions
  • 98% overnight proof turnaround

Key Changes and Operational Benefits

  • Developed Advertising mission statements and standards for quality and service
  • Implemented a redesigned organization structure, consolidating functions and departments
  • Implemented a “control point” ad tracking system
  • Implemented staffing and scheduling based on objective measurements
  • Implemented a consolidated tearsheet fulfillment center
  • Implemented same day response to all advertiser requests
  • Redesigned compensation packages for the new organization structure
  • Implemented key indicator reporting and daily performance review meetings
  • Developed Customer/Sales Executive training materials/program re: production specifications, terminology and color

“I feel so lucky to have been mentored by Alliant. I learned so much and have not been exposed to that much learning at a single time in years. It was a great education and I am very thankful that I had that opportunity.”

Classified Call Center Manager - Major Metro Newspaper