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IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE and increase advertising revenue and productivity

Project Focus

  • Newspaper Advertising Sales, Advertising Production, Operations, and Administration
  • Assess, redesign and implement new workflows, processes, policies, procedures, and organization structure
  • Improve quality, service, productivity, and resource management

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 30% increase in sales time for generating revenue
  • 70% decrease in spec-ad turnaround time, from 10 days to three
  • 40% reduction in number of proofs pulled — with a 50% decrease in number of proof revisions per ad
  • 12% increase in sales revenue
  • 96%+ conformance with quality standards for ad layouts and materials
  • 98% of display ads submitted from sales on time, enabling production to meet service target of 8:00 AM next-day delivery for proofs
  • Tracking system to monitor status of 99% of display ads
  • Increased productivity of ad production team by 24%

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Designed/implemented new operational model with redefined roles, responsibilities, and even “routine days” for the entire sales team, from the street to support and production
  • Optimized roles, putting sales managers and sales reps on the street producing ad revenue, rather than performing ad support functions
  • Developed and implemented standards of service, quality and performance for sales, advertising and related operations
  • Developed and implemented a management reporting and communication system for daily measurement and reporting of key indicators and results
  • Designed and implemented a 74-module employee skills training program for a workforce of more than 500
  • Developed customized training solutions and trained 25 managers to be more effective in the redesigned environment

“…looking forward to working with Alliant again!! The NOC has really taken the Model ACI helped us to develop to the next level and are truly owning the process and making continual improvements along the way… Good to see the company has made the commitment to continually improve!! Really Excited!!”

Quality Assurance & Training Supervisor - A Large Cable / Telcom Firm