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IMPROVE OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE to better serve its audience and advertisers, and to protect and grow its market share

Project Focus

  • Newspaper telemarketing sales, single copy, and delivery operations
  • Redesigned and implemented standardized work-flows, processes, policies, procedures and organization structure
  • Increase service, retention, quality and performance while reducing costs

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 19% reduction in cost per order (from $47.8 to $38.7)
  • 162% improvement in sales per hour in TeleSales (from .67 to 1.76)
  • 186% improvement in TeleSales close percentage (from 2.02% to 5.78%)
  • 28% improvement in grade of service
  • 25% overall improvement in productivity
  • 16% increase in Single Copy Sales
  • 20% reduction in returns (from 30% to 25%)
  • 33% reduction in abandon calls (from 3% to 2%)

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Implemented a compensation and incentive model
  • Standards of performance that are customer and quality focused
  • Workflows that eliminated 79% of the processing redundancies
  • Eliminated 39% of all forms through consolidation and improved electronic processing
  • Eliminated 40% of management reports through consolidation and simplification
  • Implemented MOD (Manager on Duty) to ensure presence for staff on weekends
  • Redesigned the floor plan to facilitate workflows and processes  resulting in improved performance, quality, service and employee morale
  • Upgraded scripts and trained TSR’s on online edition to increase overall sales
  • Redefined Single Copy sales territories to increase sales and dealer performance
  • Revised DM start time to facilitate distribution workflow and carrier communication
  • Updated route lists to ensure accuracy for carriers
  • Designed and implemented a carrier contract package reducing admin activities for the DM’s