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DEVELOP AND IMPLEMENT GOVERNANCE POLICY for a new, shared public radio system for public service and public safety radio users, federal agencies, and private organizations across a nine-county metro area

Project Focus

  • Bring together diverse public service and public safety radio users and stakeholders from a nine-county metropolitan area for input and education about the new system
  • Develop an integrated set of procedures and standards for managing user participation and interoperability
  • Ensure that the perspectives and needs of both participating and non-participating entities are represented and met

Participant Gains: Operational Benefits

  • Quickly identified, developed and implemented set of protocols, policies, procedures and standards for radio use in the new environment
  • Educated radio users about the new system, whether they chose to move onto the 800 MHz system or remain on their current VHF/UHF or analog systems, to facilitate corresponding internal policies and initial configuration of their respective systems and equipment

Key Activities that Supported Project Goals

  • Designed and facilitated an inclusive and expedient process for including more than 60 participants in the development of the policies, procedures and standards
  • Established and organized master document and process to establish, update and contest more than 90 policies, procedures and standards
  • Posted master document on website for wide-area access to both participants and non-participants
  • Trained participants in effective meeting processes to assist with ongoing management and usage of the new shared system

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