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ANALYZE THE ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE AND MIX OF SERVICES offered through the County Taxpayer Service Centers and offer recommendations for Centers to operate more effectively and/or provide services that are more responsive to market demands

Project Focus

  • Two work day engagement to find ways to maintain and improve service while reducing cost structure
  • Reviewed benchmark information from similar metro area counties
  • Designed and held a work session to develop preliminary recommendations and set next steps for further research
  • Observed service operations to identify practices


  • Increase revenue through bundling of services to encourage full use of service offerings
  • Restructure management role: Managers to monitor staff and move to counters for peak demand; prioritize and assign non-demand work in off-peak hours  rather than working counters themselves
  • Managers to be responsible for  two service centers dollars for FTEs to improve service
  • Increase part-timers in workforce and move staff between centers that are geographically close
  • Review traffic and use customer survey to adjust hours to meet demand