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CONSOLIDATE OPERATIONS across seven separate system locations serving over 500,000 customers without a hitch – in fact, with improvement – in quality, customer service and cost efficiencies

Project Focus

  • Cable TV Customer Service, Dispatch, Field Services, Plant, Warehouse, and Sales Operations
  • Assess seven locations and their operating processes, with the goal of smooth and effective integration
  • Identify best practices for performance improvement
  • Design and implement a consolidation master plan for each functional area, with detailed plans for each location
  • Consolidate and integrate key systems and activities across the teams
  • Ensure continuous service and quality through all transitional activities

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • Objective review and master-planning for physical facility and ergonomic requirements; staffing, scheduling, and capacity requirements; policies, procedures, service and quality standards; and integration of systems, technologies and workflow practices
  • Implementation plan, including integrated timeline for consolidation along with a detailed timeline map for each location; move completed on-time and on-budget
  • Successful communication and implementation of streamlined and consistent practices and procedures
  • Staff is better utilized and more productive, including a 20% improvement in processing customer requests
  • 98% of inbound calls answered within 30 seconds; abandonment rate of less than 2%
  • Customer-driven staffing with 95% next-day service call scheduling

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed standardized, achievable performance goals
  • Implemented streamlined and consistent practices and procedures
  • Redeveloped processes and improved communication for both internal and external audiences
  • Reduced processing errors through streamlining of procedures, training, and elimination of duplicated efforts

“Want to pass along some comments I have gotten from several users regarding the 800 Mhz meeting yesterday. I've heard folks indicate that it was the most "informative" and "productive" meeting on this subject that they've ever attended. I too thought that it was well organized and presented in an easy to understand manner for the average user. Thanks!”

Radio Operations and Committee Member - 911-Dispatch, Metro County