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MARKET PRESSURES DRIVE URGENT AND EVER-CHANGING PRIORITIES – New products, multiple delivery channels, accelerated launch deadlines, increasing demand, internal systems development projects all contribute to dynamically changing capacity, project coordination and delivery challenges

Recently reorganized department with multiple approaches and levels of compliance to project prioritization and management (Solution Development Life Cycle) needs departmental leadership to consistently apply a collaborative and disciplined intake and delivery process for prioritizing, planning, executing and documenting projects

Project Focus

  • Lead a team of representative leaders from the department to design the flow and key tools
  • Worked with senior corporate leadership to develop the prioritization process
  • Implemented the flow with live project list to test and gain support for its use
  • Developed checklists for each element of the flow, to improve quality of information and decision-making
  • Developed a capacity planning tool and status reporting document for updates and planning

Operating Benefits six weeks into implementation

  • Established the “plan of record” for top priority projects with agreement from all “partner executives”
  • New approach to intake is in place with > 80%  consistently applying the approach
  • Reports of checklists facilitating more complete plans/requirements documents
  • Status of  projects is regularly reported and visible, as well as resource capacity
  • Process is helping user/partners identify misguided requests before they go into production
  • Expect improved on-time delivery due to early engagement of supportive resources (quality assurance, server/hardware provisioning, application support, etc.)

Key Changes

  • Priorities set by senior leadership
  • Weekly request review and T-shirt sizing step for quick and clear approval and prioritization
  • Timelines established in context of overall portfolio including BAU/Sustaining work
  • Partners involved early and share ownership to increase quality and accelerate delivery
  • QA Test scenarios design early in process reduces rework and accelerates delivery
  • Multiple check points throughout process
  • Partners/SD have option for phased deployment to accelerate business benefits