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DEVELOP “BEST PRACTICE” MODELS for the post-sale, production, maintenance, service and billing elements related to these services as well as an effective, efficient approach for implementation and training at various customer sites that will ensure quality and service performance that drives customer retention and growth for a new media organization has developed software to facilitate newspapers in providing advertisers with online advertising and turn-key website design

Project Focus

Applied Alliant’s expertise in the newspaper industry, advertising post-sale, through ad production and billing flows, operational model design, and implementation model design to the new media environment.  The resulting operating model includes: work flows, process flows, performance standards, workload/staffing planning, organizational structure, equipment and hardware/software needs, physical layout requirements, work documents, reporting and communications structure

Operational Benefits Identified

  • Reduced work turnaround time
  • Reduced paperwork in process
  • Improved customer retention
  • Reduced rework
  • Improved response time
  • Improved morale
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increased productivity

Key Changes and Benefits

  • Quality assurance steps and employee accountability established throughout the process reducing rework, improving processing time and service to customer
  • Standardized methodology for approaching staffing, daily review and balancing of workload by managers to increase productivity, improved performance to standards, improved morale and reduced turnover
  • Streamlined workflows, documented practices, procedures and processes to reduce processing and handling time, paperwork, duplication and errors
  • Automated tracking system to identify status of order at all times, to measure turnaround to standards, eliminate “where to file”, eliminate multiple copies and reduce tracking time

“I’m a better manager today than I’ve ever been. Didn’t know what it was before Alliant came in. I’ve been promoted twice since then from supervisor to sales manager - 2 years.”

Audience Development Sales Manager - Metro Newspaper