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GUIDE A MAJOR CABLE REBUILD PROJECT to on-time and on-budget completion, and meet turn-around standards for telephony sales and implementation

Project Focus

  • Cable TV, Commercial Telcom Sales, Plant Rebuild
  • Develop and implement master plans and schedules for cable plant rebuild and upgrade, and that support launch of commercial telcom services
  • Develop and implement “order to cash” workflow for new commercial business telephony services
  • Create management development programs to support integration of the new telcom business into the company

Client Gains: Operating and Financial Benefits

  • Preserved quality service and workmanship at every step while cutting QA budget in half
  • Smooth integration of five new quality assurance/control steps, while reducing timeline from order to service activation
  • 17% increase in qualifications completed within 3 days
  • 57% jump in the number of order referrals completed
  • One-third increase in the number of on-time order referrals

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed a “Rebuild Master Sequence Schedule” to enable client to manage and prioritize all rebuilding, overbuilding, line-extension, and fiber-optic network upgrade activities
  • Developed detailed “Rebuild Master Construction Schedule” to reforecast all construction activity for the remainder of the project, and track/report construction activities at the individual task level going forward
  • Improved workflows for telephone sales by developing a customized telephony referral, qualification, and scheduling process to track and report new commercial telcom business, from contact through installation
  • Developed system for bringing new telephony products on-line with a high degree of confidence for a successful launch

"I also wanted to mention how much we appreciate all of the feedback that Alliant has given to (us). The strategic benchmarking analysis and evaluation that Alliant provided will now allow our company to establish leadership performance targets. This not only gives credibility to the data that we provide to our top management but validates that we are heading in the right direction with our key performance indicators. Alliant has also helped us understand the gaps in our lower performers and the implications to our internal/external customers. This prioritization will focus our efforts on opportunities that really matter. Thanks,"

VP, Global Logistics and Fulfillment