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GUIDE A MAJOR CABLE REBUILD PROJECT to on-time and on-budget completion, and meet turn-around standards for telephony sales and implementation

Project Focus

  • Cable TV, Commercial Telcom Sales, Plant Rebuild
  • Develop and implement master plans and schedules for cable plant rebuild and upgrade, and that support launch of commercial telcom services
  • Develop and implement “order to cash” workflow for new commercial business telephony services
  • Create management development programs to support integration of the new telcom business into the company

Client Gains: Operating and Financial Benefits

  • Preserved quality service and workmanship at every step while cutting QA budget in half
  • Smooth integration of five new quality assurance/control steps, while reducing timeline from order to service activation
  • 17% increase in qualifications completed within 3 days
  • 57% jump in the number of order referrals completed
  • One-third increase in the number of on-time order referrals

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed a “Rebuild Master Sequence Schedule” to enable client to manage and prioritize all rebuilding, overbuilding, line-extension, and fiber-optic network upgrade activities
  • Developed detailed “Rebuild Master Construction Schedule” to reforecast all construction activity for the remainder of the project, and track/report construction activities at the individual task level going forward
  • Improved workflows for telephone sales by developing a customized telephony referral, qualification, and scheduling process to track and report new commercial telcom business, from contact through installation
  • Developed system for bringing new telephony products on-line with a high degree of confidence for a successful launch