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IMPLEMENT ORGANIZATIONAL AND OPERATIONAL CHANGES in the ad flow process focusing on customer service, quality, and performance improvements designed to generate increased advertising revenue, improve ad quality, and to decrease adjustment and makegood costs

Training Focus

To prepare all levels of management to accept, actively participate, and perpetuate changes being implemented in service, quality and productivity through new operating models, while providing just-in-time development of the new skills as changes are implemented.

Financial Benefits

  • 100% of management staff trained to provide perpetual operating improvements
  • 100% of all management staff trained in the effective utilization of new operating models
  • 100% of trained managers and supervisors conducting daily /weekly  communication meetings with staff
  • 100% of training programs being perpetuated in-house by human resources department

Key Concepts and Operational Benefits

  • Managers are able to practice using their new skills in the new operating environment
  • Prepared to accept operating changes in their areas of responsibility
  • Prepared to perpetuate performance improvements through the measurement and monitoring of data provided by a  key indicator reporting system
  • Prepared to identify, make decisions, and act on operating problems bringing them to a timely resolution
  • Prepared to make staffing decisions based on quantifiable work volumes as operational changes dictate
  • Prepared to communicate effectively with all levels in the organization providing a clear and objective flow of information
  • Prepared to coach and develop staff to build stronger intra and inter- departmental teams
  • Prepared to plan and implement constructive feedback to improve performance