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INCREASE COLLABORATION, EFFICIENCY AND REVENUE in an organization experiencing low sales productivity and cooperation between inside/outside sales representatives, accounting staff, and the prepress team

Project Focus

  • Daily Metro Newspaper’s Advertising, Prepress, and Finance Departments
  • Assess, redesign and implement new standards, workflows, processes, organization structure, incentives, rates, policies and procedures
  • Identify, measure and realize opportunities to improve customer service, quality, productivity, and efficiency related to ad sales and production

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 300%+ increase in new prospect contacts
  • Increased selling time for ad sales reps by 42-75%
  • 8% increase in revenue during first four months of new operating processes
  • 24% increase in average number of active accounts (vs. prior year) in first four months following implementation

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed service, quality and productivity standards for all departments
  • Redesigned workflows, processes, policies and procedures
  • Implemented a new model for sales operations with redesigned standards, teams, roles and responsibilities, supported by strategic planning, goal-setting, and incentives for sales staff and management
  • Designed and implemented a weekly sales planning system
  • Developed contact and business databases to support the sales planning process and expand market penetration
  • Created a simplified rate structure and rate compliance program
  • Introduced eight new QA checks into the ad flow process
  • Designed and implemented a process to systematically identify and eliminate root causes of errors
  • Implemented tracking, reporting, and communication processes
  • Implemented a balanced staffing and scheduling system
  • Assessed, trained and supported staff in adoption of new operational models

“You've done a fantastic job of leading the planning effort. Many of the departments have expressed their satisfaction with the process and the results. I'll keep Alliant in my list of important contacts for the next challenging opportunity.”

Project Manager - Global Communications Devices & Systems Manufacturer & Services Company