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INCREASE COLLABORATION, EFFICIENCY AND REVENUE in an organization experiencing low sales productivity and cooperation between inside/outside sales representatives, accounting staff, and the prepress team

Project Focus

  • Daily Metro Newspaper’s Advertising, Prepress, and Finance Departments
  • Assess, redesign and implement new standards, workflows, processes, organization structure, incentives, rates, policies and procedures
  • Identify, measure and realize opportunities to improve customer service, quality, productivity, and efficiency related to ad sales and production

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 300%+ increase in new prospect contacts
  • Increased selling time for ad sales reps by 42-75%
  • 8% increase in revenue during first four months of new operating processes
  • 24% increase in average number of active accounts (vs. prior year) in first four months following implementation

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed service, quality and productivity standards for all departments
  • Redesigned workflows, processes, policies and procedures
  • Implemented a new model for sales operations with redesigned standards, teams, roles and responsibilities, supported by strategic planning, goal-setting, and incentives for sales staff and management
  • Designed and implemented a weekly sales planning system
  • Developed contact and business databases to support the sales planning process and expand market penetration
  • Created a simplified rate structure and rate compliance program
  • Introduced eight new QA checks into the ad flow process
  • Designed and implemented a process to systematically identify and eliminate root causes of errors
  • Implemented tracking, reporting, and communication processes
  • Implemented a balanced staffing and scheduling system
  • Assessed, trained and supported staff in adoption of new operational models