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IMPROVE MANAGEMENT REPORTING in both quality and effectiveness of information capture and presentation

Project Focus

  • Daily Newspaper’s Information Systems team and internal clients in Advertising, Finance, Circulation and Production
  • Design and implement a formal process in the IS department for responding to requests from report users
  • Improve report quality, timeliness, and usability
  • Improve customer service and communications overall

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 50 new reports to improve management’s ability to manage revenue and control costs
  • 100% quality assurance of all requests prior to completion
  • 100% involvement of report requester and programmer in design consult
  • Consolidation of reports by 40%, through a user committee’s creation of multi-source and multi-department reports
  • Fully functional gatekeeper position provides ongoing customer service to users throughout the company
  • 100% satisfaction customer service rating from system’s users

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed a standardized process for requesting reports
  • Introduced a new “gatekeeper” role to function as a customer service representative linking the programming group with the user groups
  • Developed requirements and procedures for quality assurance and testing on all requested reports prior to completion and handoff to user
  • Implemented performance standards to support the integrity of the new processes and procedures
  • Developed and implemented a tracking log to provide users with regular priority and status updates on submitted reporting requests
  • Designed and initiated a user committee to function as a global priority setting group