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IMPROVE RATE CARD COMPLIANCE in the advertising department; ensure consistent and accurate rating and billing practices; and increase both revenues and customer satisfaction

Project Focus

  • Daily Metro Newspaper Ad Sales, Sales Management, Finance / Billing, and Programming
  • Enhance advertising revenue per line sold through better control of rates and discounts
  • Develop new rate-request process to ensure approval, programming and notification of new rates to affected departments prior to offering rates to customers
  • Identify uses of non-rate card and non-programmed rates to eliminate use of open-rating categories, and identify staff training and rate programming needs
  • Decrease revenue misallocations

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 60% reduction in use of unapproved rates
  • Increased revenues due to elimination of unauthorized special rating
  • Identified and added all non-programmed rates to the system, eliminating the need for open and flat rating
  • Achieved 100% approval of rates by finance and programming prior to offering to customers

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed six-session program and trained 52 advertising staff and management in current rate structures, ad order requirements, and new authorization processes
  • Implemented new rate authorization process to ensure profitability and programmability of rates prior to approval and customer offering
  • Developed standards and process for timely turnaround of all authorizations
  • Defined and implemented policies to deter the use of non-rate card and non-authorized rates
  • Implemented daily “rate exception” reporting process to identify use of unauthorized rates by advertising staff

“…looking forward to working with Alliant again!! The NOC has really taken the Model ACI helped us to develop to the next level and are truly owning the process and making continual improvements along the way… Good to see the company has made the commitment to continually improve!! Really Excited!!”

Quality Assurance & Training Supervisor - A Large Cable / Telcom Firm