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IMPROVE RATE CARD COMPLIANCE in the advertising department; ensure consistent and accurate rating and billing practices; and increase both revenues and customer satisfaction

Project Focus

  • Daily Metro Newspaper Ad Sales, Sales Management, Finance / Billing, and Programming
  • Enhance advertising revenue per line sold through better control of rates and discounts
  • Develop new rate-request process to ensure approval, programming and notification of new rates to affected departments prior to offering rates to customers
  • Identify uses of non-rate card and non-programmed rates to eliminate use of open-rating categories, and identify staff training and rate programming needs
  • Decrease revenue misallocations

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • 60% reduction in use of unapproved rates
  • Increased revenues due to elimination of unauthorized special rating
  • Identified and added all non-programmed rates to the system, eliminating the need for open and flat rating
  • Achieved 100% approval of rates by finance and programming prior to offering to customers

Key Changes that Supported Client Goals

  • Developed six-session program and trained 52 advertising staff and management in current rate structures, ad order requirements, and new authorization processes
  • Implemented new rate authorization process to ensure profitability and programmability of rates prior to approval and customer offering
  • Developed standards and process for timely turnaround of all authorizations
  • Defined and implemented policies to deter the use of non-rate card and non-authorized rates
  • Implemented daily “rate exception” reporting process to identify use of unauthorized rates by advertising staff

“As we progress, the wisdom of your training, processes and organization structure continue to unfold. I am eternally grateful for your dedicated help to move us in the right direction. We have a very long way to go, but I have the vision and my senior managers are catching it. I am really excited about our prospects as an IS organization.”

CIO - Global Direct Marketing and Manufacturing Company