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DESIGN AND IMPLEMENT NEW OPERATIONAL MODELS that would position the organization to meet the vision of consistently delivering exceptional customer service

Project Focus

To improve customer service and quality levels while capturing opportunities for greater productivity and efficiency in field services, customer care, preventative maintenance and tap audit operations.

Financial and Operating Benefits

Opportunities were identified that led to the following achievements:

  • 85% performance gain in tech ops call center service level
  • 80% performance gain in account management call center service level
  • 100% performance gain in sales call center service level
  • 34% productivity improvement in customer care with a 71% increase in average volume
  • 8% reduction of unnecessary truck rolls related to installation
  • 25% reduction of unnecessary truck rolls related to repeat service call
  • 5% productivity gain for installers by increasing their time in the field
  • Reduced installation and service windows from 4 to 2 hours

Key Changes and Benefits

  • Developed and implemented standards of performance and best practices throughout all functional areas
  • Established phone and field services quality control positions
  • Expanded service and installation scheduling hours to provide improved customer service
  • Developed and implemented key indicator metrics reporting in all areas
  • Implemented an error notification and elimination process
  • Redesigned tech ops points and quota system in conjunction with dynamic dispatching
  • Designed and implemented program that assures accountability throughout the departments for all directors, managers and supervisors
  • Designed and implemented team that focuses on resolving operating issues directly impacting customers on a real time basis
  • Redesigned and consolidated the inbound technical support operation, inbound sales and account management, and dispatch operations
  • Established an operations support department
  • Balanced hours of operation across the division support functions
  • Implemented fully integrated processes throughout field service operations of multiple locations
  • Streamlined the central NOC and integrated with dispatch central and outage control

Thank you so much!! Without your company’s common sense approach to improving operations through human interaction and cultivating I would not have been promoted. I look forward to continuing to make [company] stronger through the training and guidance Alliant has provided. I look forward to working with your company in the future.

Supervisor, Video Operations Support - National Cable Communications Company