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IMPROVE QUALITY, SERVICE AND EFFICIENCY by changing how and when ads are ordered and processed resulting in a high performance management model and culture that drive continuous improvement

Project Focus

To design and implement a new operational model which includes ad operations, pre-press, sales, marketing, interactive media and supplements departments.  A team was formed to develop and implement new service, quality and performance standards, and redesigned workflows, processes and reporting.

Financial Benefits

  • Increased revenue by reducing credits and adjustments due to ad errors and by increasing service in the pre-press processes: overnight turnaround of proofs, quicker spec ad turnaround, better control of ad flow process from order entry to the plate/press
  • Decrease costs by increasing productivity (ads per hour worked) and quality (reduced make goods)
  • 10% decreased labor

Key Changes and Operational Benefits

  • 100% centralization of order entry
  • 95% next day turn around on production work
  • >200% increase in ads per hour
  • Implemented performance metrics, moving organization from subjective to objective decision making
  • Increased internal customer satisfaction due to faster turn around time
  • Improved quality and accuracy of order entry resulting from shared knowledge and broadened skills among work groups
  • Increased compliance to use of Ad Desk for submission of electronic materials
  • Redesigned ad flow for increased control, compliance to ad tracking, turnaround vs. deadline standards
  • Implemented order and materials quality assurance at key points in flow
  • Implemented new management responsibilities including work assignment and quality assurance
  • Adjusted schedules to better support ad submission and production requirements

“I had the opportunity to work with Alliant on a project to improve process flow and enhance revenue. We had remarkable progress in a timely, effective and individualized program. It was a very impressive collaboration both from an organizational and business outcomes perspective. I would highly recommend Alliant.”

Director HR - Metro Newspaper