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PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT ENGAGEMENT WITH A VIDEO ENGINEERING AND OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT responsible for overall performance of the video platform delivering cutting edge services to over 2 million customers in multiple markets

Alliant is tasked to work with executive leadership to improve performance in a department  where recent consolidation of separate and widely dissimilar divisional teams is failing and has exacerbated performance deficits already driving  a high volume of service disruption for customers, backlogged projects and service requests, missed implementation dates and poorly executed maintenance work

Project Focus

  • Complete reorganization and consolidation of the Video Engineering and Video Operations departments, including redefinition and standardization of key roles and responsibilities  and transfer of duties from Head End field engineers in multiple locations
  • Developed and implemented a project development life cycle program for engineering project prioritization and management
  • Workflow, schedules, staffing models, work aids, tools and procedures were developed
  • Addressed hiring criteria,  skills coverage and training effectiveness
  • Intensive leadership and management development program developed and administered
  • Established performance standards and key performance indicator reporting

Operating Benefits two (2) months after implementation

  • Number of disruptive and customer-impacting events is down 20%
  • Average duration of events is down 64%
  • Percent of Service Requests being assigned within 15 minutes is up to 68% from 37%
  • Virtually eliminated “unknown cause events”
  • Engineering projects are prioritized, status documented, and progressing with dedicated teams assigned
  • Reduced overtime and extended coverage through schedule redesign
  • Redesigned hiring criteria, onboarding and training programs result in engineers ready to work independently in 6 weeks vs  historical year+

Key Changes

  • Established quality review, root cause analysis and problem management programs to mitigate repeat problems
  • Organized the departments around key functional areas (VO) and key platform elements (Engineering)
  • Established proactive monitoring (daily check) of platform elements to preemptively identify and address developing issues
  • Added management coverage for swing shifts and maintenance shift- improving quality/responsiveness
  • Management practices are proactive- managers own the backlog and assign accountability for event management, service requests and problem management activities; Maintenance plans and MOPs are reviewed in advance of scheduled implementation shift- cross referenced with other departments working on the platform