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PROVIDE STRUCTURE AND GUIDANCE to an Optimization Leadership Team assigned to develop an optimal operational redesign of the circulation and manufacturing operations from “deadline to doorstop” while identifying near-term opportunities for improvement in service, quality and efficiency and a plan for their implementation that would deliver cash flow savings and service improvements

Project Focus

To design a project plan and structure and provide templates, training and guidance to move the Optimization Leadership Team forward to successful achievements of their assignment.  Work teams were designed including charters, membership, assignments and expectations.  Participation in key developmental and presentation meetings, including facilitation of work sessions related to major circulation redesign issues augmented templates and training provided.

Financial Benefits

  • Identified recommendations to achieve:
  • Positive operating cash flow benefit in the last half of the year, multiplying by 10 times in the next year and project to double again in the following year

Key Changes and Operational Benefits

  • Trained 12 “information gatherers” and 80 “subject matter experts” in the documentation and review of workflows and processes
  • Documented 28 major workflows and current operating structure in 20 departments.  This included: organization structure, hours of operation, current performance standards, policies, procedures, equipment and systems, physical layout, staffing and work activities with work effort estimates
  • Identified over 700 improvement opportunities, 300 of them “quick hits”; 150 quick hits resolved and all assigned within 12-weeks
  • Developed recommendations and implementation plan to dramatically improve responsiveness, accuracy, quality, circulation delivery times to drive revenue increase and cost reduction
  • Developed plan to reduce number of circulation distribution centers by 18%
  • Plan to significantly increase AM delivery in suburban ring areas to increase circulation and revenue
  • Developed long-term vision for Manufacturing and Distribution and design principles to serve as guidelines for interim decision-making related to operation changes
  • Developed standards and key work flow and procedural changes for Ad Operations, Ad Order Entry, News, Make-up, Packaging, Transportation and Circulation Distribution

“Alliant is like hiring a staff member who understands the company's priorities and delivers results in the time asked for. They understand the full scope of the work before dollars are committed and meet the expectations asked for.”

Director, Advertising Operations - Major Metro Newspaper