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ENHANCE THE SUCCESS OF AN INTERNAL TEAM chartered to identify ways to increase productivity and time to sell, and to reduce errors in the advertising department

Project Focus

Review process mapping and analysis work performed by internal teams and provide guidance regarding areas and methods for more penetrating documentation, analysis and recommendation development.

Financial Benefits

Key drivers and methodology to project the financial benefits and costs associated with recommendations were developed.

Key Changes and Operational Benefits

  • Enhanced breadth and depth of analysis by identifying areas to expand scope and depth of process mapping
  • Guided teams through interpretation of findings and identification of approximately 50 opportunities to increase productivity and time to sell, and to reduce errors
  • Assisted in clarifying key themes and distilling findings into 14 viable recommendations with related operation & financial benefits

Through her professional demeanor and PM skills the consultant was able to move a project work stream forward where other attempts had stalled out... and was able to create a sound transition and implementation plan which the team will carry forward...

State Human Services, Continuous Improvement Engineer