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IMPROVE NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTION PROCESS; Improve and accelerate the introduction process for all new and reformulated products from the idea stage to full commercialization while maintaining or improving quality, service and safety

Project Focus

  • Manufacturer’s New Product Development Processes affecting Marketing, Sales, Research, Environmental Health & Safety, Procurement, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Information Services, and Finance
  • Assess and redesign process flows, controls, communications, and project management systems across all departments involved in new production introductions

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • Streamlined process flow for 60-80% of new products
  • Reduced process steps by 20% for a key product group
  • 60% reduction in chemistry changes flow
  • 95% reduction in non-chemistry changes flow
  • Reduced paperwork processing time for new chemistry by 5-10% and by 20% for chemistry adjustments

Key Changes That Supported Client Goals

  • Five new product classifications and new streamlined product introduction process flows for each
  • Developed plan for implementing new product process flows and for changes in approval processes, including additional reporting or data requirements for eliminating authorization steps
  • Trained 25 employees to manage implementation of the redesigned product introduction process, and 23 to manage implementation of empowerment recommendations

Of course, I would be happy to be a positive reference for you. Our experience with your team and the work we did together helped us take giant steps forward toward becoming a successful stand-alone company.

CEO, Regional Financial System Shared Services