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INCREASE AD THROUGHPUT, QUALITY AND SERVICE while reducing ad errors and Advertiser adjustments to revenue

Project Focus

  • Designed and implemented a reorganized Advertising Sales and Production Organization
  • Improve customer service, quality, operating effectiveness and increase advertising revenue
  • Through decreased revenue adjustments

Financial Benefits

  • 41% reduction in number of credit adjustments
  • 14% reduction in dollars per credit adjustment
  • 74% reduction in proof turnaround time
  • 10% to 15% increase in time for Sales Representatives to sell
  • 50% improvement in settlement of customer complaints and credit adjustments
  • 72% reduction in ad processing forms

Key Changes and Operational Benefits

  • Developed Customer Service standards for improved quality and service
  • Implemented a redesigned organization structure, consolidating functions and departments
  • Implemented a Control Point Team – eliminating multiple entry points into production
  • Implemented an ad tracking process to locate, track and status ads
  • Implemented staffing and scheduling based on objective measurements
  • Implemented key indicator reporting and daily performance review meetings
  • Implemented a cross departmental SWAT team that focused on operating barriers
  • Implemented and trained Sales Representatives on correct ad layout processes and procedures

“The County was fortunate to have Alliant on this project. Alliant is an organization of high standards and a strong moral commitment to its customers; that is something not often seen anymore. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with you and have learned much.”

Communications Manager - Major Metropolitan County Sheriff’s Department