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PROVIDED AN INFORMED, OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE to a fast growing cable communications company as to how the IT/IS functions should be restructured to provide the services, products and resources necessary to serve each of the division operations and functional areas with their systems and technology needs

Project Focus

  • Review IT/IS functions within 4 regions’ and 11 divisions’ functional areas
  • Compare performance to industry standards and alignment with company goals
  • Provide recommendations and a short and long-term plan for increasing effectiveness

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • Productivity gain for IT/IS providers and users
  • Improved employee morale
  • Simplified and standardized work flow
  • Simplified and expanded use of technology
  • Consistent development methodology

Assessment Activities

  • Developed short term action plan to:
    • Establish IT/IS as a service organization
    • Ensure that organizational leaders set priorities (not IS)
    • Shore up critical data security/integrity
    • Assess backlog & reorganize workload to make room for maintenance, firefighting and general requests based on business priorities
    • Identify and address critical skills coverage issues
    • Begin process-driven culture
    • Establish reasonable service expectations & measure against them
    • Lay ground work for long-term achievement of best practices
  • Developed organizational structure
  • Designed position descriptions for key IS leadership/management positions
  • Provided a road-map with accountability and an implementation timeline

“The rollout for WFX/NOC/Dispatch has been accomplished successfully - very impressive in terms of tight schedules, almost no room for error, and a major paradigm shift in the business model. Congratulations on leading an effort that was very well done.”

VP, IT - Major Metro Cable Communications Company