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PROVIDED AN INFORMED, OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE to a fast growing cable communications company as to how the IT/IS functions should be restructured to provide the services, products and resources necessary to serve each of the division operations and functional areas with their systems and technology needs

Project Focus

  • Review IT/IS functions within 4 regions’ and 11 divisions’ functional areas
  • Compare performance to industry standards and alignment with company goals
  • Provide recommendations and a short and long-term plan for increasing effectiveness

Client Gains: Financial and Operating Benefits

  • Productivity gain for IT/IS providers and users
  • Improved employee morale
  • Simplified and standardized work flow
  • Simplified and expanded use of technology
  • Consistent development methodology

Assessment Activities

  • Developed short term action plan to:
    • Establish IT/IS as a service organization
    • Ensure that organizational leaders set priorities (not IS)
    • Shore up critical data security/integrity
    • Assess backlog & reorganize workload to make room for maintenance, firefighting and general requests based on business priorities
    • Identify and address critical skills coverage issues
    • Begin process-driven culture
    • Establish reasonable service expectations & measure against them
    • Lay ground work for long-term achievement of best practices
  • Developed organizational structure
  • Designed position descriptions for key IS leadership/management positions
  • Provided a road-map with accountability and an implementation timeline

“… Alliant was the only organization I worked with that took the time to understand our organization, knew how to bring value without spending a fortune, and delivered more than pricey white paper – they stayed to implement their concepts. However, the most important feature of Alliant’s work is in the measured performances they deliver. Visualize being on the client’s premises, implementing the idea you just sold them as “the solution” and having the faith that the measurements achieved will deliver the results you just promised.”

Advertising Sales & Operations Executive - News Media Ad Sales