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DESIGN AN OPERATIONAL MODEL FOR AN INTERNAL PC SUPPORT HELP DESK and an action plan for its implementation in multiple locations throughout the U.S.  Simply stated, create a “World-Class Help Desk Operation”

Project Focus

Evaluated existing levels of customer service, process work flows, controls, communications and project management systems that influence the relationship between the customer and the company and between departments within the company.  Developed a high performance operational model to meet new standards of performance that ensure the “World Class” objective.

Operating Benefits

The completed operational model included the following elements:

  • Mission and purpose statement
  • Performance standards of service and quality
  • Technical Support Center (help desk) functions and activities
  • Key workflows, processes, policies and procedures
  • Organizational model including position descriptions, roles, responsibilities and routines
  • Performance reporting (metrics) and communications structure
  • Staffing and scheduling models complete with hours of operation
  • Voice and data systems and physical equipment requirements
  • Implementation plan with timeline and detailed steps outlining critical dependencies and resource requirements

Key Changes and Benefits

  • Established a department mission statement and purpose
  • Conducted a focus group with representative departmental customers which clarified customer’s service requirements
  • Established department and staff performance standards
  • Installed company owned Lucent ACD system and the newest generation of call center ACD performance reports
  • Implemented a live-staff coverage plan for the Help Desk phones, eliminating the practice of answering the help desk phones via voice mail
  • Implemented an Activity Log to report work order and telephone volume and performance information
  • Designed high-performance workflows and processes supported by policies and procedures ensuring World Class Customer Service