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DESIGN AND LEAD AN OPERATIONAL ASSESSMENT of the capital planning and construction design and project management functions in an organization with ~$160 million of new construction and remodeling projects spanning facilities throughout a metropolitan city.


Map and analyze capital planning and construction design/management work processes, metrics and reporting, organization structure, staffing and policies and practices to identify opportunities for improving performance. Develop recommendations with projected costs and benefits, and outline action steps and timeline for their implementation.


  • 20% increase in productivity
  • 25% to 30% reduction in change orders
  • 30% reduction in the “contingency” funding (minimum $3,000,000 annually)


  • Realign organization structure and internal/external performance expectations
  • Strengthen structured communications, KPI’s/metrics and management practices
  • Establish project teams and implement skills staffing matrix and accountabilities to address specific project requirements
  • Integrate project, maintenance and finance management systems
  • Implement continuous performance improvement practices