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IDENTIFY AND REALIZE POTENTIAL contributions from improving the productivity and effectiveness of a teaching, research and practicing Veterinary Medical Center to optimize capacity, and increase competitiveness and profitability

Project Focus

Document and evaluate current operations, and develop specific recommendations and implementation plans to increase revenue, service, quality, productivity and morale while sustaining ongoing operations and other initiatives, including preparation for the implementation of electronic medical records. The evaluation and change implementation plans were comprehensive and involved all 38 clinical specialties, technical and administrative disciplines of the VMC. Elements reviewed included:

  • Performance standards, metrics and reporting
  • Communications structure and practices
  • Key workflows, policies, procedures (clinical and support services)
  • Organizational structure including: roles, responsibilities, workload, staffing and scheduling, coordination and collaboration
  • Compensation/incentives
  • Facilities: hours of operation, physical layout, systems (voice/data), equipment, supplies/materials
  • Planning/forecasting of resource requirements

Financial and Operating Benefits

Identified recommendations to achieve:

  • More than 20% increase in productivity
  • A minimum of $57,000 through correction in billing errors
  • A more effective and collaborative operating model focused on patient care and client satisfaction

Facilitated the development of a hospital wide patient-flow model, outlining team roles and coordination from multiple clinical and administrative divisions

Established hospital-wide performance standards and guidelines

Established and trained a cross-discipline, multi-level problem-solving team that met bi-weekly and researched and resolved over 30 operational issues over the course of 4 months

  • Broke down previous hierarchical and professional barriers
  • Trained in effective meetings, problem-solving, communications, how to be an effective team

Implemented client contact center achieving, providing training to management and staff that resulted in:

  • 50+ % reduction abandoned calls
  • 84% reduction in client call wait time
  • 22% increase in availability of Client Service Professionals
  • 100 % live call transfer
  • 11% increase in call volume handled with no additional staff