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DESIGN AND FACILITATE THE DEVELOPMENT OF TALKGROUP plans and radio features selection for eight state agencies that will bring the project back on schedule

Alliant Joined When

  • Talkgroup planning process is 7 – 8 months behind
  • Delays caused increased cost to vendor and the state
  • Further delays will compromise deployment and add significant cost
  • Planning process critically behind for 8 agencies
  • Delays had caused smaller departments to questions their wish to participate in the system

Project Focus

Phase I –

  • Evaluation of current process and reasons for off-schedule status
  • Development of the plan to get eight state agencies back on schedule

Phase II –

  • Management of the actual process
  • Facilitation of planning meetings for the 8 work teams
  • Documentation of talkgroup and configuration plans
  • Post-meeting follow-up to ensure approval of plans

Key Changes and Operational Benefits

Implementation of this program provided the following results:

  • Brought the project into compliance with the State’s time performance requirements.
  • Developed high quality plans for all eight agencies 3 calendar weeks ahead of schedule
  • All 8 agencies made their configuration decisions so that the client only needed to develop the final programming templates and agencies know what types of radios to purchase
  • Clarified and gained agreement on roles of all key players at onset of planning process
  • Maintained document and version control
  • Developed and implemented a formal acceptance process
  • Educated a cross-section of each agency’s staff regarding the radio system and its potential application for their agency
  • Facilitated the resolution of budget questions and considerations



“Want to pass along some comments I have gotten from several users regarding the 800 Mhz meeting yesterday. I've heard folks indicate that it was the most "informative" and "productive" meeting on this subject that they've ever attended. I too thought that it was well organized and presented in an easy to understand manner for the average user. Thanks!”

Radio Operations and Committee Member - 911-Dispatch, Metro County