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ANALYZE AGED ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE (>180 DAYS), determine causes for nonpayment, procure required documentation and collect maximum possible revenue while implementing “high impact” operational changes to stop the continuing build-up of aging accounts receivable in a subsidiary HME company

Project Focus

Provided expertise and management for a special collections team to work aged accounts, acquire necessary documentation and recover as much revenue as possible.  Implemented critical changes in the customer intake, document procurement and billing departments to drastically reduce backlogged accounts receivable and increase the quality and efficiency of the billing process.

Financial and Operating Benefits

  • Recovery of more than 17% aged accounts receivable
  • 93% reduction in errors on intake documents
  • 100% current on orders in document procurement/billing each day
  • All orders resolved within 30 days
  • Above accomplished without increasing staff

Key Changes and Benefits

  • Redesigned workload distribution and staffing
  • Implemented 7 streamlined work flows and 6 procedures for correcting errors found in QA process
  • Implemented QA process with multiple check points and checklists
  • Redefined management roles & responsibilities related to generating qualified and billable revenue
  • Outlined key metrics to be tracked by management
  • Established critical communications meetings
  • Trained 6 staff members to research and collect outstanding AR
  • Evaluated and conducted quality assurance protocols on all work done by staff
  • Developed and implemented a collections process and a step-by-step procedure highlighting quality practices
  • Developed and implemented a standard 1-31 day tickler file process
  • Trained supervisors and trainers on use of Master Account Spreadsheet, key indicator report, quality assurance practices and overall collections process

“You've done a fantastic job of leading the planning effort. Many of the departments have expressed their satisfaction with the process and the results. I'll keep Alliant in my list of important contacts for the next challenging opportunity.”

Project Manager - Global Communications Devices & Systems Manufacturer & Services Company