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IMPLEMENT A “HIGH PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT MODEL” designed to improve revenue management and operational performance in order entry, distribution, service billing, and collections through a group of internal resources who can lead and perpetuate model implementation in 350+ offices across the U.S.

Training Focus

To transfer effective management principles and techniques, knowledge of model elements and principles, and implementation skills to an internal group of resources responsible for implementing a newly designed management model and perpetuating the implementation of the model without future consulting support.

Financial and Operating Benefits

  • Provided 12 internal trainers, from all divisions and operating areas, who understand the program, how to implement it, and how it effects operating performance
  • Minimized consulting investment through development and utilization of company resources
  • Leveraged technical skills and resources to minimize the costs of change
  • Maximized return on investment
  • Maximized client involvement and buy-in

Key Concepts and Benefits

  • Prepared internal resources to be effective change agents
  • Prepared internal resources to be management coaches who lead branch and billing center management through the implementation of the “High Performance Management Model”
  • Prepared resources to coach managers through the use of effective meeting and communication techniques geared to provide clear and objective information flow
  • Provided resources with an in-depth understanding of how to develop and implement a key indicator reporting systems designed to support performance management
  • Provided resources with the skills necessary to develop and implement staffing tools that balanced staffing requirements to work loads
  • Prepared to design functional and vertical organizations
  • Provided internal resources who introduced management to effective management tools and how to utilize them
  • Provided internal resources with the ability to design and utilize transition and perpetuation plans