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A HOME DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY SUBSIDIARY has a large backlog of claims and weak revenue management/collections processes and policies in place. They wish to move forward on due diligence proceedings with a prospective buyer of the subsidiary company. This situation has stalled the sales process and placed them at risk for assessment of severe non-compliance penalties by the Federal Medicare program

Project Focus

Alliant Consulting was engaged to design and implement an efficient program that will immediately identify and correct existing Medicare documentation deficiencies for 6,000+ pieces of rental equipment in 4,000+ patient files and maintain compliance of files going forward.

Financial Benefits

Over the course of Four Weeks:

  • Designed a process workflow that ensures that documents are in place for compliance with Federal Medicare audit reviews
  • Cleared a major obstacle to completion of due diligence
  • Accelerated billing and collection of Medicare claims
  • Minimized labor costs through efficient use of existing and temporary personnel resources
  • In conjunction with concurrent revenue management initiatives lead by Alliant provided the client with a 6.5 to 1 return on its consulting investment 6 months after engagement began

Key Changes and Operating Benefits

  • Resuscitated a critical initiative that was stalled
  • Developed procedures, protocols and tools to audit, complete and correct deficiencies found in patient charts
  • Developed zero based staffing plans to provide the right number of resources for the program
  • Developed a comprehensive communications plan to ensure timely and quality completion of the program
  • Developed individualized training for managers, staff and temporary resources
  • Developed and implemented performance reporting to monitor and report program attainment to plan