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CREATE A CONSOLIDATED, COHESIVE IS/IT DEPARTMENT comprised of existing staff while taking the IT organization to the next level of performance

Project Focus

To identify and gain a clear understanding of the IS/IT, Engineering and Technical Operations technology environments as they relate to workflow, process, service, performance and organization structure; and develop an operational model and implementation plan to achieve an integrated IS/IT organization that balances technology with service and fosters a collaborative environment throughout the organization.

Operating Benefits Identified

  • Designed a new model for a consolidated, centralized IS/IT function that supports the division, and a road map for the client to follow which will facilitate a successful implementation
  • Created an efficient staffing model requiring no additional staff
  • Provided benchmarking and best practices data
  • Identified existing staff for a new help desk operation
  • Documented thematic issues and findings as a result of the observations and interviews conducted during the analysis
  • Captured remaining budget-year capital technology initiatives
  • Redesigned a project authorization workflow that streamlines and automates the divisional process for technology purchases and implementation
  • Developed an IT Improvement Action Plan detailing steps necessary to create a World Class IT organization
  • Defined roles and responsibilities to support the consolidated IS/IT department

Assessment Activities

  • Conducted interviews with executives, managers and key personnel
  • Documented basic functions and the IT organizational structure
  • Mapped workflows and processes while identifying barriers to service and performance
  • Catalogued IT initiatives for the remainder of the year
  • Benchmarked IT best practices from multiple industries and began the process of developing standards of performance for the department
  • Reviewed and analyzed statistical documentation including organization structures, lines of communication, planning and reporting tools and work flows, standards and best practices
  • Developed an action plan to address the recommendations

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