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DESIGN AND IMPLEMENT AN AD FLOW MODEL that improves and perpetuates overall customer service, quality and revenue performance

Project Focus

Designed and implemented a streamlined Ad Flow Model impacting Advertising Sales, Production, Marketing Development, Finance, and a newly designed department, Ad Central.  The new ad flow structure provided an enhanced quality assurance process designed to reduce advertising adjustments through decreased errors, and a reorganized Advertising department focused on increasing revenue through enhanced sales support and improved selling practices.

Financial Benefits

  • 5% increase in sales rep time for generating ad revenue
  • 19% increase in sales activity for sales representatives
  • 47% improvement in revenue generated by speculative ad sales
  • 9% improvement in ad inches sold
  • 85% increase above plan in new business cold calls resulting in new advertisers sold (50 in two months)
  • 40% improvement in turnaround time for spec ads from 5 to 3 days
  • 4% improvement in number of ads sold
  • 100% proof turnaround in 24 hours
  • 100% of all display ads being ordered by AdCentral rather than Sales Representatives
  • 99% ability to track all display and classified ads with ad tracking System
  • 300% increase in quality assurance checks implemented throughout the ad flow process (from 2 to 8)
  • 100% adherence to quality standards on ads turned into Production
  • 19% increase in productivity in Prepress Production

Key Changes and Operational Benefits

  • Developed and implemented operational models in Advertising Sales, Marketing, AdCentral, Production and the Finance departments with new roles, responsibilities, routine days and procedures that support a high performance organization.
  • Established prospect “profiles” and appropriate approach to reach those potential customers- Pre-call preparation, first call expectations through first order and “welcome” process for new customer
  • Trained Account Reps – Selling effectively with Speculative Ads, “first call checklists”, using the weekly sales planner, etc.
  • Designed and implemented a new customer service department to ensure quality and timely trafficking of ads
  • Developed and implemented standards of performance in all departments to support the newly defined processes.
  • Implemented a daily performance management and communications process including Key Indicator Reports and Daily Quick Huddles
  • Implemented skills based routing of work in Prepress Production and Market Development to improve quality, consistency and service
  • Designed and implemented an Employee Skills Program for an employee population base of 152 through 10 training modules
  • Designed and implemented a Management Training Program for a management population base of 34, enabling managers to be effective in the redesigned environment

Through her professional demeanor and PM skills the consultant was able to move a project work stream forward where other attempts had stalled out... and was able to create a sound transition and implementation plan which the team will carry forward...

State Human Services, Continuous Improvement Engineer