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INCREASE CIRCULATION AND RETENTION, customer service, and operational performance and establish continuous improvement practices in the Circulation Customer Service Call Center and eight Distribution Centers

Project Focus

  • Designed and implemented a customer focused Circulation Distribution and Customer Service operational model to improve customer service quality and overall performance
  • Reorganized and streamlined work flows to improve service response, on-time delivery, and quality of service
  • Developed training programs for staff and management to support the new model
  • Designed and implemented key performance metrics reporting and management program

Benefits Realized

  • 44% reduction in down routes in Circulation Distribution
  • 29% reduction in Sunday delivery complaints measured as complaints per 1000 delivery
  • 40% reduction in daily delivery complaints per 1000 delivered
  • 85 – 90% of all redeliveries complete within ½ hour of call
  • 71% reduction in Call Abandonment Rates in the Customer Service Call Center from 7% to 3% while expanding hours and no increase in staff

Key Changes

  • Designed and implemented new roles, responsibilities and routine days for Circulation district managers and Customer Service representatives
  • Developed and implemented service and quality standards in Customer Service and Distribution
  • Implemented daily performance measurement through a structured management reporting and communication system which included Key Indicator Reports and Daily Quick Huddles
  • Implemented a staff planning tool to determine staffing and scheduling requirements based on objective workload assessment
  • Implemented daily supervisory monitoring of calls between CSRs and customers in the Circulation Call Center
  • Developed a quality assurance program intended to sample 10% of new circulation solicitor sales orders and 5% of circulation complaints each day with CSRs making the sampling calls
  • Designed a comprehensive Customer Retention Model to guide Circulation management through the various planning, tracking and reporting processes necessary to dramatically improve customer retention
  • Redefined “service delivery complaint” to mean any call received to complain about service, delivery location or physical quality of the newspaper, not just “no/late papers”
  • Implemented staging of papers at all distribution centers to improve carrier productivity and timely delivery of the paper
  • Designed a carrier recruitment and orientation program
  • Implemented expanded hours of service redelivery with Circulation adjusting district managers’ schedules
  • Developed an independent carrier contract that includes standards of performance to hold carriers accountable to standards of service delivery
  • Designed and implemented a management development program to strengthen management skills and practices at all levels
  • Designed and implemented an employee skills training program. Prepared front-line staff to be trainers who train on critical skills modules and develop programs to meet future training needs