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IDENTIFY AND MIGRATE ~4,000 users from 60 + diverse public safety and public service groups across a nine-county metropolitan area into a shared, interoperable 800-MHz digital, trunked radio system

Project Focus

  • Public Service/Safety Radio Network including municipal, county, state and federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, EMS Units, and various agencies of Government Departments from more than 40 municipalities
  • Determine who should migrate to the new system
  • Develop initial configuration of radio system fleet map
  • Develop training and transition plans to ensure all users are successfully migrated to the new system

Client Gains: Operational Benefits

  • Successful integration of appropriate users from nine counties
  • Overall migration plan including design of initial radio and fleet map configurations
  • Step-by-step implementation template with timing, training and administrative requirements for each participating entity to develop and implement specific migration plans

Key Steps that Supported Project Goals

  • Assessed needs and practices of affected public radio users
  • Established a stakeholder team with deep understanding of the new system – infrastructure design, talk groups, fleet map, scanning, roaming, private calls, interoperability features, etc. – to oversee testing during roll-out, using data developed during the project to optimize system utility
  • Created policies, procedures, standards and protocols for radio system communications including compliance with regional-level requirements
  • Developed a detailed, step-by-step template for each group to manage its migration to the 800 MHz radios and network
  • Acquired training materials for use as models from other municipalities with similar 800 MHz systems
  • Designed web-based, function-specific operational surveys for five service areas, to document current levels of radio performance, resources, communication and training needs
  • Implemented a website and survey software for use in future web-administered surveys of county personnel

Alliant really did a great job helping us stand up our department. As I read through this transition report it struck me how much we accomplished in a relatively short time. We’ve got a lot left to do, but you really got us on the right track.

Director, Enterprise Software Development - National Cable Communications Company